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of other national nights out held tonight. rockville this inc. the national night out has been taking place across the nation since 1984. at, part of a northeast washington remains in the dark after three power poles came crashing down right in front of the dean wood metro station pepco crews have been there all evening trying to repair the damage. at this point pepco officials don't know exactly what brought those poles down. >> temperatures were score whiching for the crews trying to put those poles back up. will we coo off overnight? that's the question. steve irwin -- steve with what to expect. >> a slow cooldown easy on the eye looking across the mid-atlantic region but just off to the south and west of us is where the weather is rough. this all part of a cold gronlt that's eesketly going to move across the area later tomorrow afternoon. take a look at our forecast from the weather center. partly cloudy, warm and humid. winds out of the west from 5-10 miles per hour, and another hot day but just wait. even hotter for the upcoming weekend. leon? >> well, steve, the only thing we've been
plus 8 reportedly bought a condo in rockville. what do the neighbors think about this? we have more about what may be the brand new digs. >> she's going to rent a condo here? yikes. >> reporter: the debate has begun. kate gosselin may soon call this home and it seems everyone has an opinion about it. >> i think it would be really, really cool. >> i think it is scarey. >> reporter: until a few weeks ago she was eating right here. if she's moving into a condo in the town square it would be the palladium. they have hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops in the kitchen and in the bathroom. there is also a large soaking tub and a gorgeous view. but what will the neighbors think? >> something that rockville residents have to look forward to and i think it is even better, you know, if a celebrity is moving in. >> wow, we can always use some added ambiance here in rockville. >> so exciting. i can't wait for her to be here. >> reporter: but some not so much. >> i don't get what the hoopla is. i don't get why people are interested in her. >> stop try to go do you
community. the rockville park and recreational advisory board wants to place a smoking ban on playgrounds in city parks. ma parents like the idea. the rock bill mayor supports the ban. >> there is no downside to keeping smoking away from children on the playground. i do not see how this will not go forward. >> i don't think these kids should breathe secondhand smoke. it is not healthy for them. >> it is not necessarily an open air space. >> rockville wants to get input from residents. >> the metro general manager is pleading for more dedicated funding from congress. without the money, john catoe said that safety will decline. metro says it needs more than $7 billion over the next 10 years in order to keep things going. the house has approved it and the senate is considering $1.5 billion over 10 years. that money would be matched by d.c., maryland, and virginia. this could be the last year seven fairfax county elementary schools could go year round. the county school board had to trimts budget this year by $150 million and faces a budget deficit of at least that amount next year. by return
of rough today. jackie bensen has been in the weather in rockville. we begin with bob upstairs. >> we have had a wild time of it with tornado warnings. a number of severe thunderstorm warnings. no widespread damage, but some hail. we have another batch of thunderstorms coming into the western suburbs. can see a bit of lightning for you folks in fairfax, county, but nothing severe. look at what was happening earlier. these are great pictures. this is kevin mourn, berryville, they did have large hail in winchester, and look at this shelf clouf. sort of an outflow from a severe thunderstorm in frederick county, maryland. that is where the tornado warnings were. our temperatures into the 70s. the other big story is hurricane bill. whichs going to have a big effect along our coast for the weekend. i'll tell you about that. dangerous rip currents. when i join you, a few minutes. >> all right, thanks, bob. the storms have knocked out power to a few thousand people in our area. and it's also made for some tough driving tonight. jackie bensen joins us live now from rockville. jackie. >> reporter: t
in downtown rockville, currently checking in at 71 degrees. talk about the forecast coming up >> but first, jim russ has another check of your friday morning commute. it's friday. you're watching "good morning >> we are following breaking news out of southeast. right now d.c. police are on the scene of a deadly hit-and-run accident on suitland parkway. police say a man was struck and killed between naylor and stanton roads in southeast. this happened just after 20 this morning. suitland parkway is shut down between naylor and stanton roads while police investigate this incident. jim russ will have more in just a moment. right now it's 5:11. going to get more on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's begin with adam caskey. he is live in rockville this morning with your neighborhood forecast. hey, adam. good morning. >> hey, good morning. downtown rockville right now pretty quiet, but it's a very pleasant morning, and temperatures are where you'd expect them to be for the morning hours this time of year. right now it's a comfortable 71. we'll call it a comfortable 71 right now, thou
the mormon temple in kensington to rockville. you can expect the noise near the connecticut avenue entrance ramp to the beltway and beach drive and stony drive and tucker lane in rockville. the construction starts in november. >>> ahead, could all those heated town hall gs staged? hearhat some sators haveo y about that -- up next. capturing the beauty of nature. sharing what i see. that's my vision. and i'm living it. every day, transitions lenses are there to help care for my sight. announcer: transitions lenses adjust to changing light to reduce glare and help protect your eyes from uv damage so you can see better today... and tomorrow. live your vision. transitions. healthy sight in every light. transitions lenses are available at an america's best location near you. (announcer) new icy hot medicated roll. for wherever you hurt. icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. the new icy hot medicated roll. with the roll, pain's under control. >>> right now divers are trying to recover the two remaining victims among the nine killed in a mid-air crash killed in the hudson recovery. seven bodies
. temperatures for the lows, 55 out in rockville out here, and 55 in silver spring. mid-50s there. and some areas, they will probably hold in the low 60s. downtown, maybe them out here also and maybe 61 or so in springfield. but still, a very cool night. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny and cool starts. in the 50s and 60s. northeasterly at 10. by the afternoon, mostly sunny and spectacular. highs in the upper 7s. oh, just light wind, and very little humidity. good deal. satellite picture, radar combined. a lot of clouds today. playing cat and mouse with the clouds in the immediate metro area and the south and east zone, they had a lot of rain and the clouds all day. everything, they are now pushing out to the sea which is good. we'll begin to @@clear it. and some forecast here, we'll start out in virginia first. wind chester first, upper 70s at leesburg. 78 in woodbridge. downtown, upper 70s. pure sun, 77 in rockville. 76 for annapolis. some small craft advisories for parts of the bay that go into effect at 2 a.m. tomorrow morning. >>> all right, next seven day. 78 tomorrow, beautiful 80 on wednesd
at last night's blowout. >> and happy friday morning. meteorologist adam caskey live in downtown rockville. i am tracking a few showers on our radar display. i'll show you those coming up and talk about our chances of rain for later today, and, of course, detail the weekend. >> sounds good, adam. jim russ is coming back with another check of your friday morning commute. you're watching "good morning washington wash this is a typical snack bar. but kellogg saw an opportunity to plus things up. we took out their peanuts... because adding almonds would be a plus. we'd be better off with less sugar. we traded milk chocolate... for the delicious taste of dark chocolate. also a plus. then we added 35% of your daily fiber... plus antioxidants, vitam. ♪ fiberplus bars from kellogg. fiberplus so much more. >> we have 94 eakers of flowers, trees, and trails. come join us. good morning, washington! >> welcome back, everybody. 6:10 is your time. for the last few weeks, we've been hearing how slowly the redskins offense is getting compared to the defense. ll, both appear way behind the ravens. balt
in. all of your lands are open from germantown past rockville towards the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. >>> business beat coming up next. cash for clunkers is giving the auto industry the boost it was hoping for but now that the money has run out a major directive has come down for dealers while they wait for more funds to be approved. >> the ford focus is the top seller for people would traded in their clunker on a new ride according to the transportation department. toyota corollas and the preus hybrid has been selling well the last couple of days. dad, could you help me build a sand castle? sure, pal. let's just find a good spot. [ dramatic music plays ] a big day at the bch with the legendary taste of dunkin' donuts coffee on ice. this looks like a good spot. you kin' do it. america runs on dunkin'. treat yourself today with an authentic caramel swirl iced latte. south from entry level to seasoned professionals, our job m op on c.fisoxdm co g place to start if you re lo oring for a new if you f e you are an employer looking
in rockville. i will have that story coming up.  >>> tony is joining us with another look at the weekend it is almost like don't be fooled because it's the bit cooler today. >> today might be the break. >> enjoy today. truth be told, we know plenty of people would love the heat and baking. you're going to get that this weekend but today, enjoy the day. mild day, pretty day, not bad at all. here is how we're starting the day. getting off to a school hotart with temperatures in the 60s. winds are out noesrtt.hw hnoerrtest. hw here also look at the satellite- radar. again, not very active. off the coa, that is where you find pretty good cloud v coer aco a little bit of precipitation if for some reason you are heading out that way. out to the west, a few clouds moving through and they will bring us a few clouds here and there during the course of the day but it will be mostly sunny. here is your forecast then. mostly sunny skies. warmer afternoon than yesterday when we top you had out at 79 degrees. 85 will be your high today. that is a fall degrees below nor
in rockville later today. i'm live in rockville. back to you. >> thank you. in in a murder case in charles county and one. of the suspects is only 14. police saythe teenagers ambushed jeremiah giewt air he's and his brother last tuesday in waldorf, maryland. now benjamin thomas and trayzon harvey are both under arrest. police say they targeted gutierrez and his brother. >>> 48-year-old robert headley exploded guilty to stabbing 21- year-old kristin hawkins last memorial day. the woman's body found on the path behind the laurel municipal swimming pool. headley tase as a maximum of 40 years in prison. -- faces a maximum of 40 years in prison. >>> federal officials are set to announce new school closing guidelines today concerning the swine flu outbreak. the education secretary says local school officials will still have to make the final call. but his department will help with advice. it will also track which schools decide to close and where so it can chart outbreaks and talks of making schools vaccine clinics so children can be immunized. >>> developing news from pakistan. up next, the u.s
be down right deadly. armando trull is joining us from rockville with survival tips. >> good morning. the heat advisory as you heard from howard kicks in at noon. that means combination of high temperatures and humidity that will feel in the triple-digits. with us is jan desimone with clean air partners. you have a heat advisory color- coded warning. >> code orange day which means unhealthy for sensitive groups. >> what should they do. >> limit physical outdoor activities today. >> reporter: you have tips to make the environment a little better also. >> we do. so, today for example don't cut your grass today. wait a day or two until air quality improves or if you plan to barbecue use a gas or electric grill instead of charcoal and people can visit clean air partners.net. >> and take mass transit to work. >> here's how to save the environment. here's how to save yourself. we recommend loose, light clothing, not just texture but color. and a hat or cap because the brain is one of the first things that's affected by high temperature. sun glasses to protect your eyes, sunscreen with a hi
us live from the rockville metro station with more. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. the metro dc area is under a high heat advisory. that means a combination of high temperature, high humidity. it will feel in the triple- digits as you heard howard say and with us is jean with clean air partners. she will tell us what you can do to escape from that. first of all, what is clean air partners. >> a nonprofit organization and we educate residents in the area on ways to improve air quality and protect their health. >> i understand you have a warning system that is color- coded. what's the system. >> today is code orange air quality system. >> reporter: what are tips for them. >> it is a perfect day for those who are going to work to take public transportation or telework today. >> thank you very much. >> i have tips to deal with the heat. loose wear loose light color colored clothing. wear a hat or a cap to protect your head. sun glasses and sunscreen have a high protection factor to make sure you don't get sun burned an my tv 0 of water to keep hydrated and pets also need protection
pipe. it will stretch from the mormon temper to i-270 in rockville. here is what you can expect. near the connecticut avenue ren trans, ramp to the beltway, beats drive and stony brook drive in kensington and tuckerman lane in rockville, construction starts mid- september. >>> the obama administration is ending the d.c. voucher program that lets poor students attend private schools with federal assistance. this week bruce johnson reports a lot of new students who have been promised slots in the opportunity scholarship program are having their vouchers revoked. >> you like school? >> yes. >> reporter: 4-year-old ania had been told by hear mother come september she would be enrolling in the school her brother attends. >> do you have any idea what you want to be when you grow up? >> yes. >> what? >> a doctor. >> a doctor. why is that? >> because i want to help people. >> reporter: the private education is made possible by an $7,500 voucher provided by the congress. that same money had been promised to his little sister, until the obama administration decided to end the program that allow
. the rockville advisory board wants to place a board -- place a ban on city parks. rockville mayor supports the ban. >> there is no downside to keeping smoking away from children in playgrounds. i did not say how this is not going to go forward. >> these kids should not breathe secondhand smoke. >> i think a ban is little extreme. >> people are responsible about this in an open air space. >> they want to get input on whether or not people support the ban. >>> police needs your help to catch a high end shoplifter. a $2,000 trash was stolen from chevy chase last thursday. as a security guard approached, he was sprayed with pepper spray. if you recognize this person, poplease call the police. >>> d.c. employers budgeted the largest increase in the country r pay raises at just over 3%. companies in baltimore budgeted just over to%. last year there were increases of 4%. >>> still ahead on this wednesday, falling nearly two months of protests, iran's president is sworn in. opposition groups are responding. >> adam caskey live in old town, alexander. a wonderful morning out here. there is a chance
hhewe tad veer wefrathe the omhe itgarsburg ck to it rockville d anlls,fa llfas, fa reston chantilly a viennain fairfax. vianhimong s ivih s rt . ur at ten miles anho heavy rain for . wa rockville and bethesda and moving to vienna. for tonight, what you see is what you get. we are looking at shower and thunderstorms. some could beheavy, muggy. 68 to 74 for be atllbi lo bill. o twgot ghritwo right now. already we have some warnings for bermuda. we will show you the wave heights of bill coming back in a few minutes. you won't believe the wave heights this storm is generating and they are heading. no our ouco as t.at th inthe weekenfocast next. ar> right now ocean city is epfoprg inr hurricane bill and r e possibility of those rip tides and high waves you mentioned. this is a live traffic shot. ofute 50 leading in to and out ocean city. thers been a steady stream of traffic coming and d out of there. the rain has cleared out and the traffic is smooth for no hopefuy llwewi get it moving. wi if you are going to the beach get up-to-the-minute alerts at wusa9.com. >>> tonight, footbal
not looking bad, the lanes are open out of gaithersburg into rockville. 270 on the top side slowing and approaching passing 109. they checking for the crash along montgomery village avenue between 355 and the exit for 270. meanwhile 395 northbound, no accidents to report. traffic on and off the trip from the beltway up to king street and crossing the 14th street bridge. southbound 28 approaching the toll road, accident activity off the road to the shoulder and lanes are open but traffic slow past the scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> julie thanks. >>> 7:29 right. the latest on the plans to fight a stronger outbreak of the swine flu. coming up next. >>> and also coming up, the latest on the return to michael vick to the nfl. he is eligible to play, but will he suit up. >>> and get away without leaving your driveway. holly is showing us how a few st ca make a staycation at home feel like a world away, coming up.  dude, your shirt. oh, i did it to let the ladies know, i'm the right choice. i got the idea from general mills big g cereals. they
the third group in maryland, rockville, bethesda, hyattsville as well as branches -- no, those are the main maryland branches. rockville, bethesda, hyattsville, the one we're standing in front of in sill ser spring. no branches we're aware of in northern virginia being scrutinized. the post office is expecting $7 billion in losses this year, even after a 2-cent stamp hike. congress is looking at changes in rye tiree benefits to save billions of dollars. the general accounting office says everything is on the table or the postal service will be unable to pay its bills. >> well, i would think that would be very unfortunate. i come here about once a week to deliver my product in the mail so i really hope that it does stay hospital. >> i work across the street, and, you know, we do business with them. we send stuff to our clients and stuff so i think that's real bad. like where are we going to go now? >> reporter: well, don't give up on your local post office yet. you can show how much your post office is needed by actually using it. no changes will go into effect before september 30th. reporti
of their culture. bones and skeleton fragments were recovered and send to rockville, maryland. >> thank you. >>> tax increases topping the sunday talk shows. obama officials refuse to rule out raising taxes to fund an overhaul of the health care system. tim geithner says the deficit will have to be reduced for the economy to prosper long-term. national economic council director larry summerrers says health care reform will have to be paid somehow. the president's economic team says the administration will work with congress to extend unemployment benefits for millions of americans who still can't find jobs. >>> meantime the obama administration says it will suspend the cash for clunkers program unless the senate provides some $2 billion more for the plan. that's according to the transportation secretary today. the current $1 billion pool could be exhausted by the end of the weekend. the house approved then additional $2 billion on friday. some republican senators are questioning the government's role in providing incentives for auto sales. >>> strong winds fanned intense forest fighters in
in rockville and 128 in germantown. however, these numbers are down compared to the same time last year. >>> the union that represents metro workers says a bus driver being investigated for using a cell phone on the job was calling metro's central control center because her work-issued radio did not work. the union says that the driver never moved the bus while she was on the phone. the driver has been on leave since she was photographed using the phone last month. >>> the white house hopes that it can rally president obama supporters to help put to rest some of the concerns being voiced loudly at town hall meetings that are being held across the nation. lawmakers are getting an earful about health care reform, coast to coast. and the president is looking to retake the offensive. he tries to clear up the plans to reform the system. joel brown reports. >> reporter: the opposition to president obama's health care reform efforts is getting louder and louder. >> say no to socialism. >> reporter: voters are voicing their opinions, sometimes angrily at town hall meetings across the nation. >>
with the june 10 shooting that killed a guard stephen johns. >>> a trial is underway for a rockville man accused of shooting and killing his estranged wife outside for montgomery county church. police charged kevin kelly with first-degree murder. according to investigators, he allegedly shot patricia shipments kelly -- patricia simmons kelly during services. >>> d.c. fire investigators are looking for who intentionally set a fire inside a west african embassy did some started the fire inside a second for black robe -- inside and second floor bathroom. fire and secret service are working together to make an arrest in the case. >>>toost nie fogh r r jot. w95oinid95ojg enecpr inenojpr t. vdot is helping to se the commute between the fairfax county parkway and route 123. >> traffic might be moving now, but later on this evening, drivers heading along i-95 towards northern virginia can expect delays of up to 30 minutes at 9:30 tonight, crews will begin taking parts of the interstate, meaning multiple lane closures. >> it may add to the ingestion or relieve some of it. >> vdot hopes it is the latter.
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as a cafeteria. >>> and rockville based company says its swine flu vaccine can be produced in weeks instead of the months that is standard. it will be a couple of years before approved for humans. that means it will not be available to help the current pandemic after the government slashed the number of vaccines that will be ready by mid october. >> the start of the school year has been accompanied by several cases of swine flu. a serious problem. now that the cdc has announced the nation is one month behind mass producing a vaccine. instead of 120 million doses by mid october, there will only be 45 million doses available with another 20 million expected to arrive each week after that. >> we are worried that there will be people sick who could have been prevented, hospitalizations that could have been prevented. >> the single biggest obstacle has been the h1n1 virus itself. it has been slow to grow inside eggs, the key factor in growing and effective vaccine. >> if it multiplies slowly, it is hard to get the vaccine manufactured quickly. >> to the cdc will focus first on the most abominabl
georges county, charles county yesterday saw three, four inches of rain. rockville had three inches of rain. it's dry, it's quiet outside right now as we look at our nation's capital and it's very, ryve peaceful.oo lkor fig pressure to settle across the area. three stops on our weather bug. daytime high, today ieadte u u to 85 degrees. next stop takes us over to children's hospital, 74 after a high of 84 degrees. no rain. and finally vienna, virginia. 72 after a high of 87. it was a hot day. reagan national airport. no where close to the record of 98 degrees set back in 19 36. we are looking at temperatures slowly cooling into the9 temperaturesill eventully bottom out in the 60's tonight and expect a little patchy fog mainly to the west of d.c. look at these cooler, drier temperatures. 63 degrees in pittsburgh at this hour. we can thank a huge area of high pressure that's going to slowly drift toward the east. here's the cold front that moved across the area now offshore spinning across. that's what's left of bill. maximum winds 75 miles per hour as it moves to the northeast. moving
rockville rescue slter as a cost-cutting measure. adoption costs for the rest of the animals will be less than $50. the society will pay for the necessary medical costs. >> we are saddened that things are happening the way that they are, but it will work for the best for the animals. dodge the center will remain open until all animals have been moved safely. >>> we can see two new support added to the 2016 olympics final. they're recommending gulf and red bp added it, chosen from a list of seven proposed sports. baseball and roller sports did not make the cut. >>> free to travel in september, we may have to deal for you. the all you can get past -- jet pass, next. >> what a day for sports fans. it tiger woods like that the leader boards in the pga championship. and the redskins get ready for the ravens. it is preseason ga p sh for clunkers is available at your chevy de with more eligible models to choose from than anyone. mo ifqualtoies be recycled,ifal ies to be recycled, you can get a $3500 or $4500 government rebate. and just announced! if you qualify for the clunk rebate, you may als
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degrees in rockville, 75 in the district. 69 degrees in warrenton. winchester at 68 degrees. a couple of individual stations for you. 80 degrees in the district on the campus of george washington university. officially today, we had a little bit of sunshine, enough to boost us to 87 degrees, the high for the day. temperatures can in a couple of degrees above average. further west you go, you find cooler temperatures the interstate 95 corridor, we have the do. temperatures high enough that it will stay muggy. the hot weather is developing over the southern plains and the deep south. they are going to be close to 90 degrees in many areas. we will probably be in that 80's around here tomorrow. showers and storms are a good that as we head to the afternoon. a lot of moisture transferring up the coast. probably a repeat process for tomorrow. the showers will probably be more numerous paid to the north and west, very pleasant, warm, and dry weather our system in place, we are stuck, so we get the humid air, the warm temperatures, and pretty good chances for showers and storms. as we get int
era. rockville is at 81. let's get the data from sterday. 89 was the afternoon high- temperature, a little above average. today will be more at average in the mid-80's. the showers and storms from earlier quickly dissipated and moved to the north and then turned to the east. now we have a few clouds left over. but high pressure is building in. we anticipate a lot of sunshine in the next couple days with some clouds. mid 80s today. 86. an isolated thunderstorms cannot be ruled out. probably 20% to 30% chance. mostly clear skies tonight. noticeably cooler, low 60s possibly. their low humidity levels. downtown, mid to upper 60s. scattered clouds tomorrow. a little warmer today, upper 80s. top on their 90 on wednesday. friday and senate, temperatures drop a l dr >> a prince george's county family is getting an extreme makeover. volunteers after the cast and crew of the tv show are building a new home for the tripp family. the family works and have three young sons. they use their ministry to bus kids and there is no shortage of people who want to help improve the families' lives. >>
, turning this convenience into an inconvenience. >> i think i would have to use the one in rockville or the one in old town gaithersburg. >> the u.s. postal service is considering shutting down 1000 post offices nationwide, including nine in d.c., four in maryland and one in virginia. the agencsays theove ll help make up for the steep drop in male and money being delivered. postal workers we spoke to said they are doubling up and taking on more route because there has been such a biol um ve. d volume. one third in just a year in half. one big reason -- the internet. more are going on line to pay bills and send e-mail. >> right more correspondence to friends, i pay bills, i conduct all sorts ofbusiness. more so than the post office. >> the times are changing. >> the u.s. postal service says closing up shop is the only way to stay afloat after already getting rid of drop boxes, raising stamp prices and lay an often please. the agency is also considering getting rid of saturday seice, delivery days down to five from six by the end of this year. >> if you would like to know if your post
. >>> newschopper 7 was over the washington gas facility in rockville after a tank holding 32,000 gallons of propane gas started to leak. fire officials say it came from a four-and it vows, but there replace the valve and avoided any major problems. -- the problem came from a four- inch befouls. >>> investigators say they have a key clue in the disappearance of this little girl. and what this video reveals and how the victims are being remembered. first, reptiles are trapped when the fairfax county home catches fire. how many animals firefighters fo >>> firefighters made a slithering discovery battling a house fire in springfield, where they found more than 40 snakes, scorpions, and an iguana. only two snakes survived. at a teenager who lived in the home said he was breeding non venomous snakes. the fire was sparked by faulty extension cords. >>> family, friends, and co- workers gathered outside of a fitness center in pittsburgh to remember the victims of a shooting rampage. the man shot and killed three women at the fitness center. a similar vigil was held in downtown pittsburgh. padilla posted on
in rockville. 86 degrees after a morning low of 64. temperatures will skyrocket on sunday, talk about that and just a moment. if you have problems with your allergies, this could be the reason why. 76 degrees this hour at reagan national. look at west virginia, already 61 degrees. 68 in chicago. the cooler air -- get ready, we have a huge amount of hot and hazy conditions. on the way for sunday and monday, daytime high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 90's. scattered showers across portions of the great lakes region -- we will remain dry. tomorrow looks pretty nice. we're watching a warm front that will slowly move towards the north and east. the forecast for tomorrow for ocean city, temperatures around 87 degrees. a bit warmer down south, near 90. come sunday, warmer yet. our forecast looksike this -- looked like that. temperatures will drop of the 60's. tomorrow, 90 degrees for a daytime high. sunshine, heat, humidity, hayes, the works -- haze, the works. highs in the mid to upper 90's. on monday, we could tie the record high, 98 degrees. we would have to make it up to 102 d
's the outer loop. and between rockville pike and the i-95 interchange, all is well. elsewhere, south of town, no hang-ups a the wilson bridge. southeast corridors are all fine, northeast, light volume with traffic so far. barbara and joe, back to you. >> thank you, jerry. >> jerry, thanks very much. >>> here now is a look at four big stories happening today. maryland senator benjamin cardin will hold a town hall meeting today on health care reform at the hagerstown community college. monday, he was at towson state university where the crowd got rowdy. opposition confronted each other outside of the auditorium. today's meeting begins at 1:00 p.m. >>> police in fairfax county think they may have caught a murder suspect on tape. the body of 53-year-old chung ah was found inside an acupuncture clinic in annandale on july 23 24th. now police have surveillance vide from a nearby restaurant showing a black suv pulling up to the clinic and someone running up the driveway. police are trying to identify the vehicle and those inside. >>> an injured hiker was rescued from the shenandoah mountains. u.s.
. we are live in rockville tonight. craig melvin, back to you. >> still a lucky day. thanks, craig. >> new tropical storm foirnld tfoirnld -- storm formed in the atlantic ocean and could become a threat to the east coast: >> its name is danny. you can see. we are going to put night motion since early this morning. a big, big cluster. center of circulation is out here. a lot of stuff is out over the ocean. i'm looking at some of the very late indications. it will be a threat to the east coast. i think more and more, a diminishing threat. it is still going to have an impact for those heading to the beaches this weekend i will tell you about that when i john you downstairs. >>> afghan's president, hamid c karzai, more results. will not be certified until mid september because of claims of election fraud. with 17% recorded now, karzai has 44% of the vote. he will need 50% to avoid a run-off. his closest challenger, abdullah, abdullah has 35 at this point. >>> coming up -- michael vick preparing to play in his first game. protestors in philadelphia. >> cash for clunkers is over. cash fo
officer. jackie benson joins us from rockville. jackie. >> the allegations are disturbing. the veteran montgomery county fire fighter was arrested in the parking lot of the shopping center in gaithersburg. documents allege that he agreed to meet there and pay $150 f sex to a person he contacted through an ad in the adult services section of craigslist. a female montgomery county police officer went on the internet using classified for sale and social networking sites to post advertisements as though she were a 16-year-old girl placing an ad for prostitution. >> it iscourt documents allege used county e-mail address. fire chief richard bower tells news 4 he took action after being notified of the july 20th arrest. >> i was fully aware of the situation yes. as a result of that i took an action which placed the individual oleechavhi wsai i pd eav which is paid leaveet a meis a >> news 4 spoke to the lieutenant's eatec declined add specceicexos tpt sn i t her ient22s rsea yn i the fire and i rescue service he gained respect from colleaguegreat reputation. gr eat reputation. he the last
ones too. >>> out on the roads, no accidents to report southbound 270 out of rockville toward the split. you are at speed leaving germantown headed for the lane divide. southbound baltimore-washington parkway between 198 and 197, a slowdown off the road to the shoulder. the bw parkway runs smoothly into northeast. slowing at the third street tunnel. this is north of 66. all lanes are open but traffic will slow leaving tysons. northbound 95 slow up to swing street on 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> we talk about summer winding down but for students in d.c. public schools it is. the lazy days of summer in the single-digits as we are less than a week away from the start of the school year. >> michelle rhee joins us now with important information before kids head back to school. and we were talking about it earlier and we asked you off camera, are you ready? >> we are ready. books are in schools and we're fully staffed with teachers and principals. we have sent schedules out to our secondary schools and our buildings, we are getting the air-conditioning ready for thi
rockville. at southeast washington toward the navy regard, m. street at 9th street southeast, a crash in the middle of the intersection with only the right lane getting by each way. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> michael vick soring high with the philadelphia eagles. it's our big story this morning. >> he just left pron for his role in a dogfighting ring and the blogs are buzzing this morning. gurvir joining us with more. >> people wondering if he would land with any team and again he's going to philly. philly known for having some of the toughest not so nice fans but some people say it lost its reputation by signing vick. the eagles coach feels otherwise. >> he's back in the nfl. he has signed a year, $1.6 million deal. if he's around for 2 years he gets $5.2 million. a hard thing to swallow for the fans. >> it's a disgrace and i came to talk about. >> i don't think you'll be able to forget about it. it will be in the back of your mind. >> reporter: he was convicted in august of 2007 for conspiracy and was sentenced to 24 months in prison and was released after 1
saying. >>> live southbound along 270 this morning, for those working southbound out of rockville toward the split, out of germantown you'll find yourself on and off the brakes. a fender-bender at 70 and 85, that has cleared. slowing toward 270 and leaving rockville toward the lane divide. 66 into the sunshine, still on the slow side between 50 and 123, nutley street to the capital beltway. and again authorities are out with the incident that occurred overnight between bening and 34th. you'll find the right lane blocked. and slow up toward naval research lab off the road to the median. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> 7:47 right now on this thursday morning. >> let's check in with holly. >> reporter: good morning. i'm kind of hanging out with the right brothers right now. this is orville and this is wilbur. any way, we are were talking about a high flying party going on this weekend in college park. it's called airfare 100. it is celebrating 100 years of hist orory here at the airport and aviation museum where we are live. we'll tell you why you want to get in on the ce
at this time. >> it's the same story over at fitzgerald auto malls in rockville. >> getting some payments. they started to come in, seeing the increases out there. but it has been a slow process. >> and that is a part of the problem. very few government employees to process it. >> frankly it was a pass out there. to get the thing done. and they had less than 30 days to do it. >> reporter: but over here, they are not sure what the hold up is. >> the reality is that we're not hearing any reasons. there is no one to communicate with. >> regardless, both of the dealerships say they will keep collecting the clunkers as long as they guarantee they will be paid. >> we're confident that sooner or later, we'll receive our money back. just a matter of who can afford to have that kind of, you know, cash out there. >> i've got to say that the u.s. government, they will pick. >> now, the government, they are in the process of adding about a thousand new process to help speed up the payment process. every deal -rship in the washington -- dealership in the washington area i spoke with today, they will
. in rockville, armando trull for 9 news now and wusa9.com. >> by the way, you can keep up with the changing weather conditions and you can also get tips on how to beat the heat and find cooling center locations by going to our website at wusa9.com. >>> an investigation is underway after a metro worker was struck and killed after making repairsn e thorange line. it haeden pplast night half wa between theave nen that and dunn loring statns neli it s shut do it closed at mid knight and cepoli also stopped potraffic along i- westbound during their investigation. >>> last week metro informed the national transportation safety board about a near collision in march which sounds similar to the deadly red line crash in june. the train overran the platform at the potomac avenue station, but according to the "washington post," the operator hit the emergency stop button just in time. the problem turned out to be a bad relay in one of the older series 1,000 rail cars. the investigation in to the deadly june 22nd crash is also focusing on the automatic train control system but in that case the problem
in woodbridge on saturday. if you don't on saturday you will on sunday. 89 downtown. 89 rockville. 89 bowie. upper 80s for the bay. there's not a small craft advisory, pretty nice weekend to be on the water. just keep an eye out for isolated storms. 90 in waldorf. next seven days, 89 on saturday. isolated storm. 90 on send, isolated storm. we will keep monday dry for now, low 90s and then in a holding pattern. low 90s pretty much on tuesday through friday of next week even. a few storms are possible on wednesday. probably a better chance for thunderstorms on thursday and friday. plus, we have rounds three and four of the pga which is on channel 9 over the weekend. i might be watching that. it is still in the 90s up there outside of minneapolis. >> not to mention the humidity obviously makes it so much worse. >> yeah. >> little sticky. >> all right. we'll take it. thank you, topper. >>> we'll be right back. wusa 9 continues after this. b@a >>> okay. so we're about to embark on a journey i'll bet none of you thought of venturing out on. going going rek ecdntoe thredne chla. unit ealds nturtl
and 19 in virginia. in maryland, that includes one office in rockville, one in bethesda, one in hyattsville and one in silver spring. the closest virginia branch to the greater washington area is fredericksburg. now, you can see the whole list by going to our website at wusa9.com. >>> prince georges county police are looking for suspects in an rleay moinerg rd of. rs four people shot fhillll shore htmi. one man died from his injuries, another mamais listedin iccrital condition. crwotwwemeo ren al otsobut they do not vehae-if enatrig inveha life- threatening inri an tmarap atenan apartment complex inth64e 00 . adk of livingston ro acco. ing to police, it stemmed from an argument among people who knew each other. other. overall violent crime is down in more more. an 11% drop in murders across the state last year. the uniform crime report cites a 20 year low in homicides in baltimore, 17% reduction from the year before and a 14% reduction in prince georges county. 13 of maryland's 24 jurisdictions reported reductions in violent crime. >>> a local lawyer says he was discussing
, a couple of light sprinkles. heaviest stuff down south. zoom in more for you. rockville over to laurel, this is all drifting to the northeast, a couple of sprinkles potomac, great falls back to centreville and toward alexandria. upper marlboro up 301 in annapolis seeing a few light sprinkles out there. heaviest stuff is west of mechanicsville and approaching benedict. south of colonial beach where the lightning coming out of the northern neck. this is moving northeast and there's colonial beach, newland, this is moving in this direction. in saint mary's county, some rain in calbert as -- calvert, as well. mod rain rain to deal with. temperatures today if we are lucky 79. there maybe a piece or two of thunder. tomorrow, beautiful. after a cool start in the middle 80s very comfortable and then satu, be be an isolated tomorrow late. 91 degrees. so isolated shower, mostly cloudy today. 75 to 80. average high is 88. enjoy it. west winds five to ten. clearing skies almost chilly in mie ws,50 in suburbs, mid- 50s, win chester to culpeper. mid-60s here in town and check out this time lapse to
from rockville. the dps' lease expires next july and it does have the option of staying in rockville. >>> checking another top stories we are watching, nearly 100 d.c. school custodians and maintenance workers will soon be looking for work. that is despite the fact that the city has been working on long overdue updates of crumbling buildings. facilities there that needed repair for l many years. officials say they are making the personnel adjustments because of budget constraint. >>> police have identified the victim in a deadly stabbing yesterday. his name is joshua mack, 21 years old, from clinton, maryland. the stabbing happened in broad daylight. one man survived the attack. so far, no arrests in this case. >>> in fairfax county, the suspect in the stabbing of a baby-sitter and the child she was watching is now facing malicious wounding charges. police say a 40-year-old woman attacked a 6 #-year-old woman and a toddler in falls church yesterday. both victims are in serious but stable conditi this morning. >>> coming up next, a government working to prevent swine flu panic from s
of the women hit remain in the hospital. chris gordon is live in rockville with more on this story. chris? >> reporter: here at pole headquarters, we are told that the victims are expected to live, but they have massive injuries. and they will be hospitalized for some time. their families say they have no idea how they're going to pay these huge medical bills. meanwhile the person responsible is in hiding. the fam let's of the victims came from the hospital to police headquarters where they spoke through an interpreter. 22-year-old maria was hit, dragged 113 feet and run over by the feet that fled the scene. >> translator: we are suffering very much because we never experienced my sister to go through such a bad experience. >> reporter: 21-year-old has two children and a husband. >> translator: i think the person made a really bad judgment to hit somebody and just run away. i think it was something really, really bad for this person to do it. >> reporter: this is the best evidence police have. the grill that fell off the suv at the scene of the hit and run saturday. police have tentativel
of the beltway as you round the curve from rockville pipe headed to connecticut avenue to joeshlg avenue. construction in the right lane at this hour and traffic very heavy and very slow. if you are going to be traveling that during the noon time here in the next couple of hours, be prepared. the outer loop, you folks looking good headed over to 270. south of town at the wilson bridge, both inner loop and outer loop appear to be moving along well. southeast corners are fine. no hang-ups along 66. back to you. >> thanks, jerry. >>> it was a frightening sight. flames lit up the sky in northwest washington, consuming the home of a well-known washingtonian. this morning we are hearing from the home owner the first time since the devastating fire. former d.c. school board president was the owner a month earlier the house and a priceless art collection inside were featured in oprah's magazine. she hopes to start a new art collection, but not before she takes care of some other business. >> will i continue to collect art? well, right now i have to think about getting my kids shoes for school. w
and 270. you will find lanes are open southbound 270 leaving rockville headed out rd the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> julie just mentioned that a major commuter route that was closed for a while as police investigate a deadly hit and run just before #:00 this morning, i car hit a man crossing suit land parkway. police are on the lookout for a small blue or black vehicle with extensive front end damage to the windshield and the right side mirror possibly missing. parkway had been closed for a while but lanes are now all reopened. that is the headline there. >>> our bug story coming from the nfl is michael vick against a second chance signing with the philadelphia eagles. the news comes just week after his release after serving 18 mont in prison for a death fighting conviction. vick is sunder a conditional suspension in the nfl. he can play if the final two e-own gams but couldit out anywhere from one to sick weeks once the regular season begins. his first chance to play then would come in week seven against the redskins. it is up to nfl commissioner roger g
neighborhood as you travel southbound into rockville. no accidents to report leaving gaithersburg headed out towards the split. lanes are open now top side of the beltway leaving college park headed around towards the exit for 270. the pace is good across the 14th stret bridge and now no incidents to report in southeast working your way across the anacostia bridges headed up towards the freeway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> forget about the crayons and pencils, laptops are on the back to school list identify lot of people. we are talking as yuck as middle school students but the computer doesn't have to bust your budget. fox 5's money reporter medical andy alnwick has more on how to score a laptop for less. >>> at microcenter in rockville, maryland, little netbooks are a big hit with customers. >> they are the hottest thing on the market. >> weighing in at under three pounds, netbooks are popular for their port built and price. most start at about $350. >> it's great choice for high school and middle school students as a primary computer. >> chet says becau
gaithersburg and out towards rockville, the left side of your screen, the headline coming towards you. you are at speed headed down to montreal ross road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> bells will ring for the first time this school year in montgomery county this morning. >> officials expect record enrollment, around 140,000 students. as they welcome new faces, they were keeping an eye out for swine flu. the montgomery county school board said the downturn in the economy led to a surge of new stunts. >> we expect somewhere between 1,002,000 kids would are entering our doors who were in private school last year. >> school officials are trying to stay ahead of a predicted swine flu outbreak this fall. they will keep an eye out for symptoms and try to trace absentee trends. about 1300 students should get their permanent schedules today in bridge county. they spent the first week of school in temporary classes or the awedder to with respect because of a scheduling problem. staff ended up working through the weekend to try to fix that problem. they say it should be fixed by t
here as you head down towards clarksburg and then off and on from germantown past rockville to the split. no accidents reported just some heavier volume there. same story on 66. east of town, route 50 looks good inbound heading through bowie toward the beltway and then into northeast. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. cyst we have new details in the deadly shooting in a has the latest club in suburban pittsburgh. gunman apparently kept a blog detalling his let read and disappointment with women. he openly talked about rejection and his loneliness saying he had not had a girlfriend since 1984. tuesday being he unleashed his anger on an exercise class killing two women and wounding nine more. >>> also this morning, as we check out our stop sisterries, the senate has reached a deal on saving the cash for clufngers program. today, lawmaker will vote on a plan that would add $2 bill wrong to the popular rebate program. this will give shoppers until labor day to trade in their gas guzzlers for a new ride and take advantage of a rebate up to $4,500. president obama says
temperature records. armando trull has more on the story. he is live at the rockville metro station. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the thousands of folks using mass transit today may not know it but they are actually helping the quality of the air all of us are thbreaing on this terribly hot day. the heat advisory kicks in at noon. >> just deal with it. simple as that. nothing you can do about it. >> reporter: mother nature is dealing a mix of high humidity and temperatures [ speaking spanish ] >> in english that means the mercury could reach 100 degrees today. >> i will be inside. >> that's good because air quality could be dangerous. >> it is code orange air quality day today so that means it is unhealthy for children, older adults and people with respiratory problems. >> reporter: what do you recommend? >> that they limit outdoor activities. >> reporter: what about the environment. >> it is a great day to not drive alone, car pool, public transportation is a great alternative and also teleworking. >> reporter: the district has owned schooling centers from noon to 6:00. also
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